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Aadicon Biotechnologies Ltd.
PO Box No -70, Curepipe,
Rep. of Mauritius.

Site Address:
“Aadi Park”,
Near Piton Du Milieu Resvervoir,
Belle Rive, Moka Flacq District, Mauritius

Phone: +230 -2927600 / 2927601
Fax: +230 - 4671444
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Bio Control Agents
Bio-Control Agents are micro-organisms or their products which are effectively used to control the insect, pest or disease causing micro-organisms in Agriculture. They are Eco-Friendly, Bio Degradable and Effective.

Our Product Range
  • Trichoderma viridae – Antifungal agent
  • Verticillium lecani – Anti insects: aphids, whiteflies, milibug
  • Beauveria bassiana – Against aphids, thrips, milli bug, sucking insects
  • Pacilomyces fumosoroseus – Nematocide.
  • Metarrhizium anisoplae – White grubs, termites.
Biosoil Pest Police Biosoil Pest Control Biosoil Nilinesct
Biosoil Nilinsect+
Antiparasites légumes et fleurs (Metarrhizium anisopliae) Antiparasites Bio
(Verticillium lecanii)
Insecticide Bio-actif
(Bacillus thuringenesis)
Insecticide Bio multi-action
Beauveria spp .
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