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Frozen Semen Laboratory
Laboratory is engaged in obtaining semen from exotic bulls and Boer Goats by artificial vagina method and preserving it by globally accepted Bio-Technological methods. The straws containing frozen semen are sold to different users all over the world in the animal husbandry sector. Particular emphasis is to cater to African market which presently gets its requirement from America, Europe and Austraila at substantial cost. The product from Mauritius is going to be cheaper due to reduced logistic costs. The animals are certified to be free from Food and Mouth disease.

Use of cross breed male as bullock is another opportunity to support this operation. They mature fast and get ready to work in two years. Quality improvement through selection in milk breeds of cattle is also possible. The use of tools like artificial insemination can popularize superior quality genetic cattle breed.

Frozen semen storage requires liquid nitrogen and cryogenic containers to hold the semen at an ultra low temperature of -196ºC. Semen can be used successfully almost indefinitely after cryopreservation. Aadicon has sufficient capacity to transport these specially designed containers all over africa with suitably designed shelf life for liquid nitrogen cans.

Features of Frozen Semen:
  • Must be stored in liquid nitrogen in specially fabricated cryostat container;
  • Can be stored successfully for more than 50 years with required top up of liquid nitrogen to keep the temperature constant at -196 celsius.
  • Large number of doses can be stored in a comparatively small space.
  • Dose required for single AI is only 0.25 ml to 0.50 ml.
  • High quality, Pathogen free semen containing optimum number of live sperm is available (up to 20 million sperms per straw at the time of packing);
  • Semen is packed in suitable straws, so that maximum number of doses can be stored in a comparatively small space;
  • Semen is preserved in liquid nitrogen (temperature -196ºC) to ensure preservation for a longer period;
  • Worldwide transport by road, rail or air is possible without damage in quality;
  • Simple and aseptic technique of insemination;
  • Saves on cost incurred from sterilization of equipments;
Advantages of Artificial Insemination.
  • The volume of one ejaculation of a bull can be used to serve 80-100 cows in case of chilled semen or 200-300 cows in case of frozen semen;
  • Selected bulls of high quality production merit and free from all diseases can be reared;
  • Services of better bulls can be made available to far off places, even in foreign countries;
  • Improvement in milk and meat yield through cross breeding can be achieved in a short period;
  • Conception rate is better than natural service;
  • Gynaecological problems in cows, if any, are detected at an early stage as cows need to be examined thoroughly before A.I. and for pregnancy;
  • Spread of sexually transmissible diseases can be controlled;
  • Maintenance cost on rearing of bulls is minimized;
  • Breeding by undesirable scrub bulls can be prevented or stopped;
  • In case of frozen semen, progeny of an elite bull can be obtained even after death;
  • A.I. with frozen semen is very safe and aseptic;
  • Progeny testing program can be implemented successfully through use of A.I;
  • Exchange of better bulls is possible through frozen semen.
  • New breeds can be introduced.
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