Correspondenace Address
Aadicon Biotechnologies Ltd.
PO Box No -70, Curepipe,
Rep. of Mauritius.

Site Address:
“Aadi Park”,
Near Piton Du Milieu Resvervoir,
Belle Rive, Moka Flacq District, Mauritius

Phone: +230 -2927600 / 2927601
Fax: +230 - 4671444
Email: /

Aadicon Poly houses and poly tunnels of different sizes to demonstrate technology of controlled green house farming to produce flowers, vegetables and ornamental plants which are sensitive to weather. The sizes of structure vary from 1 mtr height to 8.5 mtr and area from 24 sqm to 560 sqm. The bigger green houses are characterized by top ventilation as well as side ventilation to control humidity and temperature inside the structure. The shade net allows rain water to come in but prevents insects onslaught. The smalles tunnel of 1 mtr height is used for strawberry plantation increasing the harvesting period of strawberry from normal 5 months to 8 months.

Aadicon has technological competence to erect green houses on land of other farmers and guide them to earn more from their land by increasing their output by adopting improved technology and better inputs.

Besides Green House Farming, Aadicon has successfully increased output of sugar cane at its site by applying better input management techniques, wherein the sugar cane output result of up to 60 tonnes per acre was acheived.

The technology of intercropping was also successfully tested and can be advised to farmers to increase their income. Substantial increase in ouput of Pineapple, Potato, Carrot, and lot of other vegetables have been witnessed at the site and can be replicated by farmers.

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