Correspondenace Address
Aadicon Biotechnologies Ltd.
PO Box No -70, Curepipe,
Rep. of Mauritius.

Site Address:
“Aadi Park”,
Near Piton Du Milieu Resvervoir,
Belle Rive, Moka Flacq District, Mauritius

Phone: +230 -2927600 / 2927601
Fax: +230 - 4671444
Email: /
Aadicon’s bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides and other agriculturally important microbe’s production is a major development in Mauritius. Aadicon has installed capacity for production of up to 50,000 Ltrs. per annum of Bio-fertilizers like Nitrogen Fixation Bacteria, Phosphorus Mobilizing microbes, (PSM) Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria (KMB) Plant Growth Promoters Decomposing Bacteria.

These microbes are cultured in lab conditions, packed and distributed in Market. The installed capacity is being increased up to 350,000 Ltrs. per annum and the extended unit will start production in the month of May 2012.

Bio-pesticides Microbes like Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses are known to have controlling effects on various pests, diseases and weeds in agricultural systems. These are called Bio-control agents and the range of the product available is Metarhizium anisopliae, Verticillium lecanii
Bacillus thuringenesis and Beauveria Spp (BB) and the like.
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