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Aadicon Biotechnologies Ltd.
PO Box No -70, Curepipe,
Rep. of Mauritius.

Site Address:
“Aadi Park”,
Near Piton Du Milieu Resvervoir,
Belle Rive, Moka Flacq District, Mauritius

Phone: +230 -2927600 / 2927601
Fax: +230 - 4671444
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About Us
Aadicon Biotech Profile
Aadicon Biotechnologies Ltd is a technology oriented company engaged in Research and Development in areas as diverse as:
  • Organic Farm Inputs, i.e., Bio fertilisers and Bio control agents;
  • Frozen Bovine Semen for Artificial insemination for genetic development of cattle breed.
  • Biological Solid and Liquid Waste Composting, anaerobic composting and Bio gas technology implementation;
  • Demonstration and erection of controlled agricultural practices in the nature of Green houses;
  • Imparting training to desirous persons in the technology implementation to improve the economic status of the population.
Aadicon Biotechnologies was established in Mauritius in May 2006 by a highly educated and experienced team from India. The company has provided its services & technologies mainly to Mauritius to become leader in Agro Biotechnologies in African countries and is also catering for its services globally from Mauritius.

Organic agriculture is a very ancient technology for many countries. African and IOC Countries need the reintroduction of the organic farming technology and that can be achieved by agro biotechnology science. Today's modern agriculture entirely depends upon inorganic fertilizer, chemical pesticides, herbicides etc. All these inputs consume a very great amount of fossil fuel energy. In addition, these inputs cause pollution, food contamination and in due course of time lead to the degradation of soil health. Compared to chemical farming, organic farming system considers soil as a living entity. Agriculture sustainability is aimed at regular additions of organic matter in form of Biomass, Compost, Vermi-compost, Bio fertilizers, Soil biological fertility etc. which maintains soil tilt and productivity.
Present global trends have enforced strict norms about food, soil and water quality. Agricultural produce for international market must be devoid of any pesticides and chemical residues.

World over scientists are grappling with the increasing problems of diseases caused by contamination of land mass by unlimited use of fertilisers and control agents produced from non-renewable sources, including petroleum. Excessive use of chemical fertilizer and pesticide is not only declining the soil fertility all over the world but also had been proved to be cause of substantial increase in cases of induced diseases all over the world

The reversal of the trend is possible only if Agro-biotechnology and Organic Farming Systems are adapted.
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