Correspondenace Address
Aadicon Biotechnologies Ltd.
PO Box No -70, Curepipe,
Rep. of Mauritius.

Site Address:
“Aadi Park”,
Near Piton Du Milieu Resvervoir,
Belle Rive, Moka Flacq District, Mauritius

Phone: +230 -2927600 / 2927601
Fax: +230 - 4671444
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About Us
Aadicon now and ahead in Mauritius

Government of Mauritius allocated 60 acres of land to Aadicon Biotechnologies Ltd for Research and Development Activities in Biotechnology and work in the area of sustainable agriculture practices, leading to more economic value addition to the country.

Aadicon started the production of Bio-fertilisers and Bio-Control Agents in collaboration with Agricultural Research Extension Unit (AREU) for intensive research and development in the field of Agro Bio Technology in Mauritius. For this purpose, AREU extended the facilities at its Wooton site to Aadicon. AREU recognized that the application of useful bacteria and fungi are the alternative inputs to increase soil fertility and restore its quality. This application was tried at several places in Mauritius with collaboration of AREU and private farmers. ABL has given trials to more than 100 farmers all over the island where excellent results are recorded. Aadicon also received FAO order for supplying Bio-fertilizers to local Farmers. Encouraging results did come up from the trials.

Due to satisfactory results, Aadicon has now a world class laboratory running at the site with capacity of 25,000 litres per month capacity to produce Bio-fertilisers and Bio-control agents and exports the same to different African countries, besides distributing the same to shops around the island.

The introduction to Poly house Farming, Tissue Culture, Floriculture and Horticulture was undertaken in Mauritius through the technologies provided by Aadicon Biotechnologies Ltd. Aadicon is the only company in Mauritius which is producing certified organic vegetables in its poly tunnels. It is also demonstrating production of flowers, sugar cane, fodder grass, ornamental plants etc under intergrated farming technology.

Aadicon is rearing exotic pedigree certified bulls of Holstein Fresian, Jersey and Brhaman ( also called Nellore) variety for production of Frozen Semen. It also has 35 Boer Goats for production of Frozen Semen. Aadicon has a bull mother farm to produce high quality progenies of these bulls and is rearing pedigree certified cows for that purpose. The dams of HF bulls are known to have production of milk in the range of 13000 to 17000 litres per lactation period and dams of Jersey bulls are known to have 6000 tp 9000 litres of milk per lactation period. Aadicon has world class laboratory and including quality control procedures for production and storage of Frozen Semen and also owns captive liquid nitrogen plant for uninterrupted supply of liquid nitrogen for proper storage. It possess sufficient quantity of LN cans for transportation of Frozen Semen straws across African continent.

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